Designed in Italy, Crafted in the U.S.A.

The Colina Stone Collection represents AMI’s enduring commitment to its customers and dedication to bringing exceptional stone to life.

Designed in Italy, the Colina Collection attempts to revive the colors, the glamour and  elegance of the 1950s & 1960s,  a romantic time in American history when everything was much simpler, easier, and nothing was impossible.

We have traveled the world to hand select the finest and most elegant stones. Stones of refined textures, subtle colors,  and of timeless character.

Searching for beauty. Striving for perfection.

The ways in which you can use these extraordinary stones are as unlimited as your imagination.


From walls to floors, Colina is simply the most customizable, most elegant and stress-free way to pick and match natural stones for your entire re-modeling project.


Simplicity to design. Create and express  your own unique vision and personality;  the way in which you view the world and the way you want to be seen, are integral part of the Colina Collection.


We are exploring all parts of the world with the goal of selecting the best natural stones for my Colina Stone Collection. Stones which embody a story. And anticipate the future.

Matching Slabs – 3×9 – 12×12 & 12×24 Tiles

Calacatta – Carrera – Thassos – Blue Celest

Experience Colina

I invite you to experience the beauty and elegance of the Colina Collection a distributor showroom near you or by visiting Associate Marble Industry, right here, In Inwood Long Island.